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I am incredibly excited to be announcing [email protected] today. In Aspire's nearly three years of existence, I have loved seeing the creativity, ingenuity, and passion for budgeting/finance in the Aspire community. Many of you have shared right here in this subreddit your custom solutions, tools, and spreadsheets. These tools range from the Aspire mobile apps, to CLI tools, to spreadsheets for savings, forecasting, and other use cases.

With [email protected], there will now be a dedicated website/repository for all these shared projects. I can't wait to see what you all build.

How to get started and quick-start links

I've drafted a few pages dedicated to the community guidelines for the [email protected] program. The links to these are below. In essence, these docs detail out the types of extensions you can make, API / named range information you can leverage, and other details. These guidelines are in flux as I refine them, but the basics are all there. These guidelines exist to ensure all the builders have a basic target to aim for and to help all the Aspire users have a consistent experience (as they are the people we're helping and building for).

Please use the Aspire Budget v3.3 Preview for the base of your extensions.

Read the [email protected] docs →

Review the available API details and Named Ranges →

Types of extensions


If you've used Aspire, you're familiar with spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are incredibly versatile. I see endless possibilities for extensions with forecasting models, savings calculators, new types of dashboards and reports, insights and analysis tools, and more.

I've even created a starter template with the basics for you.

Apps / Mobile apps

This is a pretty wide category, but this could include anything from website utilities to mobile apps. We've had a few passionate users create magnificent mobile apps already. If starting a new app isn't for you, I know they would love your help and collaboration.

CLI tools

Command line interface tools are runtimes and scripts that are invoked through a terminal window or other text based program. I've seen a handful of these made for Aspire and they range from parsing bank information to merging data from multiple sources. CLI tools are a great way to accomplish technical tasks.

How do I get my tool in the [email protected] repository?

I've created a GitHub repository that's dedicated to [email protected] You can learn more here.

What's the timeline?

I'll immediately start reviewing anything that gets submitted on the GitHub page. The target is December 1st to officially bring the [email protected] online for all Aspire users and consumers.

Other questions?

Leave a comment below with any questions/comments. I've started the [email protected] Reddit chatroom for any tinkerers that want to share ideas and get started (we'll start with Reddit chat - we may find that a tool like Discord is better suited for this purpose).

Matt / Sapphire_Rapids

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